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R1050 50L Rotary Evaporator

New type hot sale rotary evaporators.
Capacity: 5L-50L
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1.This model use three coils instead old two coils type, condensation more efficient.
2.The motor adopt the brusless, explosion-proof types.
3.The Bath can auomatically lift.
4.The receving flask add a valve can do better to hold vacuum when release the liquid. etc...
1. Low-temperature coolant circulation pump
 To provide cold source.

 DLSB-50/40 chiller:
 Volume: 17L                            Flow: 35L/min                                                    
 Lift: 12m                                  Refrigerant: R404A                                            
 Coolant temperature: -40℃    Cooling capacity: 13140-2012W                          
 Power supply: 240V/60Hz 
 Max. input current: 16 amps                               
 Environment temperature: 5~35℃

2.Circulating water vacuum pump
To provide a vacuum source, to provide low-pressure rotary evaporator conditions.