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DLSB-5/20 Recirculating Chiller

We can supply different types of chillers.
Capacity: 5L-100L
Temperature: -10℃ to -120℃
Will meet your needs.
Description Details
     Large cryogenic cooling liquid circulating pump is constant flow, constant voltage. Used for purification of high purity metals, rare element, environment experiment and magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating and other large equipment, and also can meet the cooling demand of electron microscopy, electron probe, ultra high vacuum sputtering apparatus, X-ray machine, laser and accelerate the electric light those high value equipment. Cryogenic cooling liquid circulating pump is particularly suitable for the chemistry, biology, physics laboratory work under normal conditions or need to maintain a low temperature.
     It is a necessary lab equipment for medicine, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, universities, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering and so on . (
Can be customized large capacity according to user needs ).

     It can also connect with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven , cycle water vacuum pump , magnetic stirrer and so on , to achieve the chemical reaction or drug store under low temperature condition.