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DLSB-30/80 Recirculating Chiller

We can supply different types of chillers.
Capacity: 5L-100L
Temperature: -10℃ to -120℃
Will meet your needs.
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Reservoir:     10L                      
Flow:             35L/min                                                    
Lift:               12m
Refrigerant:   R404/R23A                                            
Coolant temperature:   -80℃
Rated power:             4480W                             
Power supply:               220V/60Hz 
Max. Imput:                  20 amps
Environment temperature:   5~35℃
Cooling capacity:
      25C: 6600W                   0C: 4830W
      -20C:3710W                  -40C: 2420W
      -60C: 1640W                 -80C: 292W 
Packing size(mm):          890*830*1440
Weight(kg):                     255kg                  
1.Import tecumseh compressor, more suitable for the United States voltage, with better quality.
2.Plate heat exchanger instead of the bath with coil, which makes the compressor more efficient. Also it comes with more solid shells.