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5L Rotary Evaporator

Item No.: 002
We can supply different types of rotovap.
Capacity: 2L-50L
Will meet your needs.
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Description Corollary Equipment Related video

1. AC motor, stepless speed regulation, no brushes, no sparks, long life
2. Water(Oil) bath mannal lifting, easy and quick operation
3. Modular design, easy to connect to other appliance.
4. Stepless speed control and digital speed display
5. PTFE sealing parts, tight sealing, high vacuum degree, high evaporation rate and recovery rate
6. Teflon heating bath, even temperature, fully enclosed design.
Circulating water vacuum pump
To provide a vacuum source, to provide low-pressure rotary evaporator conditions.

Low-temperature coolant circulation pump
To provide cold source.