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SHZ-D(III) Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Circulating water multipurpose vacuum pump is the device with circulating water as working fluid, and it adopts jet technology to create negative pressure.
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Power:   180W
Voltage:  220V/50Hz
Flow:      60L/min
Lift:         8m
Weight:   15KG
Dimension:  400×280×420mm
Tank capacity:  15L
Body material:  Anti-corrosion/1Cr18
Sucking rate for single tap:  10L/min
Suggested Rotary Evaporator:  2L-5L

      It provides vacuum condition for evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, distillation, filtration pressure, vacuum degassing experiments. Especially suitable for colleges and universities, research institutes, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, pesticides, agricultural engineering, biological engineering etc industries’ scientific research,  pilot and production .